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High quality and sustainable solutions for dairy and beverage processing...

Last Technology Products

We have a strong research and development department. And we believe in team soul. Türköz design plants for every type of cheese… and we love our job.

First Pasteurizer Manufacturer of Turkey

We produced first milk pasteurizer of Turkey. And we are living legitimate proud of this. We can design and produce, milk, honey, jam, ketchup, mayonnaise and sauces pasteurizers.

Strong Production Line

Türköz information network is containing know-how documentation about milk reception, sterilization, separation, standardization, curd making, draining, molding, pressing, brining, filtration, CIP (cleaning-in-place), heat treatment and automation.


Cheese Production Technology


Origins of Turköz Machinery in building from mini dairy businesses to the large-scale facilities that the dairy processing industry needs to satisfy demand for its products. We follow new trends and giving competitive prices to our customers.

Best Balkan Cheese Productıon Lıne


The machine formed from two machines. The cooking, stretching machine and moulding machine.
In the machine helixes, stretching chamber and moulding chamber which are contacting with the product, are coated by PTFE. Other parts which contact with Products are granulated. Helix motors are frequency controlled. Heat adjustment is digital. Steam is controlled pneumatically.
The moulding machine is with double pistons. İt accelerates the work. Movable parts on the machine are preserved. It prevents the injury of workers. Hot water pump is stainless Steel and resistant to salty water. Easy maintenance and easy cleaning.

Yoghurt, Buttermılk (Yoghurt mılk)


Heat design is developed. Less steam and water is used. It provides evaporation in a short period of time and distributes equally to the senpantine into the tovver. It does not burn milk and change its color. Electricity use is low. There exist sight and illumination in the tovver and expansion tank. İts panel is stainless Steel. You may see the temperature digitally. Ali materials protecting the motors are in the panel.

Curd Unıt


Curd Unit consist of seven parts. Batch Pasteurizer (capacity start from 1000 lt.), Curd Storage Tank, Filtering System, Seperator, CIP for Curd Unit, Heat Exchanger, Curd Vessel and Curd Trolley.

What Türköz Clients Think ?

When we work together Türköz Machinery, we always know our project are going to resolve in a short time.

Mahmut ÖZ, Yörüksüt

“Service impressively quick and reliable to accommodate any change in customer’s requirements. Thanks to Türköz Machinery and Türköz’s professional team..”

Seğmen Bal, Seğmen Honey Ankara

“Türköz Machinery was a good alternative to buying new storage tanks for one of our facilities in Africa and Middle East. The tanks were rarely used and therefore like new.”