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It is an automatic vat that makes the leaching process on watery curds coming from the processing tank in hard/half-hard cheese types.

The watery curds are poured into the cheddaring vat. The shredder and the mixer arms of the vat are operated and the arms move forward and backward by rotating. During the mixing process water from the curds is sucked by a pump and sent to the whey water tank. When the curd reaches to required dry matter and pH rate the mixer is stopped and the shredder and mixer arms are pulled off and the system is brought to the draining stage. At the draining stage front, the lid is opened the draining shovel comes down and begins to push the curds. Then, the horizontal spiral drags the product towards the middle and forwards the product to the vertical spiral. And the vertical spiral moves the product to the transfer system and so the product becomes processed.

● PLC control system
● Adjustable portion system
● Detachable mixers
● Detachable bottom sieves
● Pneumatic front lid
● Pneumatic curd carrier shovel
● Pneumatic final products pushing shovel
● Horizontal conveyor spiral system
● Vertical conveyor spiral system
● Safety switch
● Completely made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel

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