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It is the machines that make cutting, mixing, boiling, and cooling processes of the products with low viscosity.

The products to be processed are put into the machine then the mixer is started so the products are completely pieced off. Right after that process, the top engine is started to continue the mixing. While the mixing process scraps the surface. Depending on the situation of the products they are heated through a direct/ indirect steaming process. During the process dust or liquid additives are put into through product funnel. If a cooling process is required, it can be done by giving cold water to the jacket of the machine after the heating process. After completing the whole process the lid of the machine is opened and the machine is turned forward to discharge the product. But if the product is liquid the valve that is placed at the bottom of the machine is turned on and the product is discharged by giving the compressed air.

● PLC control system
● Ability to work with a prescription
● Touchscreen
● Pneumatic cover opening, closing, locking ability
● Motorized boiler tilting system
● Vacuum system
● Heating ability until 125 °C
● Mixing, cutting, emulsifying
● Cooling through jacket ability.
● The inside of the machine is completely made of AISI 316 quality stainless steel and the other pieces of equipment are made of AISI 304 quality material

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