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It is a machine to count the quantity of milk gained from outside.

A connection is made by a hose to the count part of the milk tanker right after the required controls are done. After opening the valve of the milk tanker, milk will pass through the filter that is placed on the counter and will be filled into the balance tank. The air separator valve is opened and evacuates the trapped air outside and when the milk in the balance tank reaches a high level the centrifugal pump takes the milk and brings it to the magnetical flowmeter. The magnetic flowmeter measures milk in cubic meters/liter. The Control panel keeps the milk measurement records and right after finishing the milk gaining it prints the results.

● PLC control system
● Record
● Printing prescribing
● A pump with speed control
● Sensitive magnetic flowmeter
● A balance tube that provides air separation
● Filter
● Completely made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel

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