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It is a unit washing the multi molds that are used in cheese production. The system is completely closed and consists of 3 stations. The molds that are placed on the conveyor go to the wash cabinet. The first station is the pre-rinse station and it cleans the coarse dirt on the molds. Then the conveyor goes to the second station. The second station cleans with hot douche and then the conveyor moves to the third station and the third station do the final rinse. Inside the washing cabinets, multiple nozzles are used. The washing process is done with pressured water. Under each reservoir collecting ponds are placed. There is a dosing pump plate heat exchanger and hot control system for medicated water. For the transitions between stations, a line filter is used to prevent the nozzles from clogging. There is one ventilation in the system. It expels steam that condenses inside. The washing conveyor is controlled by a speed control unit

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