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It is the machine that is used in the yogurt sector for the thickening process of milk.

Ready milk that is in the storage tank is brought into the evaporator by vacuuming. Steam is supplied to the first tower so that the milk does not cool during evaporation. So the evaporation will be better. The steam that is gained from the milk is intensified in the last tower so that the productivity of the pump will not decrease. The system works with balance and with efficiency. The product leaving the evaporator is re-sent to the balance tank. When the required dry matter is formed the evaporation process is finished.

● High evaporation ability even at low heat
● Low energy usage
● High-level quality productivity
● Digital control
● Observe the product's ability from any point.
● Easily cleaning ability with the CIP system
● The whole system is constructed on a chassis
● Completely made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel

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