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It is the machine that cooks and kneads mozzarella and cheddar cheese curds and processed cheese.

The top lid of the machine can be opened. The ready curd is filled into the machine in detected weights. Then the lid is closed and the spirals are placed in a shredding situation. Then the spirals are operated until the product is shredded at the required level. Right after this process, the product goes to the boiling stage. The boiling option(direct or indirect) is chosen and right after reaching the required temperature the lid of the machine is opened and the melting salt is poured into the machine and the lid is closed to carry on the boiling process. After completing the boiling process runs back and forth for a while to continue the kneading process. Right after the kneading process is completed the machine is taken to the draining stage and the machine automatically pours the product into the transfer tank. The transfer machine provides the transfer of the product to the required machines.

● PLC control
● Working with prescription
● Double PT100 temperature measuring with sensor
● Speed control unit
● Heating from jacket
● Heating directly
● Weighing system
● Pneumatic top lid
● Pneumatic front lid
● Steam filter
● Vacuum system
● Mechanical water sealed gland
● Appropriate to clean with the CIP
● Safe
● The machine is completely made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel.

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