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It is a machine that consists of piped heat exchangers where the products are particulate, fluid, and viscous(cream, particulate fruit juice, etc.) are cooled.

The products ready to be pasteurized are transferred to the balance tank of the pasteurizer through a pump, and the balance of the products is balanced thanks to the balance tank’s level control. The pump connected to the balance tank takes the product from the balance tank and pushes the product into piped exchangers that create the pasteurizer at the required levels. The pasteurizer consists of several stages such as regeneration, heating, and cooling stages. The cold product entering to regeneration stage meets the hot product and does heat transfer. The slightly heated product passes to the heating stage and reaches to final pasteurization temperature but if it does not reach to required level it is sent back to the balance tank. The product is also sent to the required holder. Right after the holder, the product enters the other stage of the pasteurizer. At this point, the product that cools down stage by stage reaches the cooling stage that is located on the front stage. This machine adjusts the temperature of the product as we want and sends the product to the production line.

● PLC controll systemed
● Working with a prescription
● Touch screen
● Speed-adjusted pumps
● Long-term working ability
● Long life gaskets
● Low energy use
● Collective montage on chassis
● Specific design according to the product
● Traceability and reporting
● Sensitive temperature set up
● Pressure difference control
● Multiple pipe system
● High efficient centrifugal pumps
● Electronic level control balance tank
● The pipes of the machine are made of AISI 316 quality stainless steel and the other pieces of equipment are made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel

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