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In the system, the curd is cooked in hot water. The curd is filled into a chopping machine and is chopped to the required size and poured into a boiling tank. The spirals inside the tank carry the product at a stable speed forward. At the end of the spirals, the product reaches the required temperature and then goes to the kneading section of the machine. Thanks to arms in the kneading section the product is kneaded and moved to the weighing machine. The spirals of the weighing machine push the product forward and pour it into molds. The section where the table and molds are placed also includes cold water. And at this point, the pre-cooling process is applied to the cheese inside of the molds. Then the cheese in the molds is poured into a cool water pool to provide the final cooling process. At the end of the pool, the cheese is completely toughened and is brought outside by the conveyor. The system is controlled with the PLC control unit. On engines, a speed control unit is placed. The product chambers are jacketed. The weighing machine is a multiple-mold system. The mold changes
according to the required cheese block. On the machine, there is a sensitive weighing ability. In the pre-cooling system, plated exchangers are used. The cooling pool is controlled by the cooling exchanger. In the system, there are filter and salting units. The cheese is carried by water circulation. And a conveyor system is placed at the end of the cooling pool. The cooling pool is the closed type and appropriate to be washed by the CIP system.

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