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These are the system that transfers mozzarella and cheddar cheese curds to the boil machines. There are three types of transfer systems:
1- Transfer system of spiral: This system transfers the product to the machine by two spirals. It is a closed system. It is appropriate for washing with C.I.P. It is wheeled so it can be moved.
2- Transfer system with conveyor: It is the system for sensitive curds. It is a conveyor on which there are carrying barriers placed on PVC belts. This conveyor can be washed by hand and is wheeled and can be moved.
3- Pneumatic System: It is the best system for untouched carrying in fully automated systems. On the system, there is one curd breaker. It diminishes the curd the specific measures. At the bottom of the system, there is a rotary valve. The product amongst both wings is turned over by the engine and is sent to the bottom. On the bottom side, a carrying process inside of the pipe is done by air that is produced by a blower. The system is appropriate for washing with CIP. And the system is completely made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel

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