Image: 1 Ton Capacity Milk Pasteurizer

Other Equipments
BalanceTank: Balance tank provides to include product into system initially. Tank sends product to pasteurizer in a proper balance. If product is not pasteurized first time, it returns back to balance tank to be re-processed. Balance tank can also be used as a circulation tool on CIP application before and after pasteurization process.
Pump: Pump transfers product to be pasteuized from balance tank to plate pasteurizer in appropriate quantities. It is resistant to acidic and alcali materials which is used in CIP application. Pump does not require lubrication or cooling process and operates silently without vibration.Certainly pump is madeof food grade material.
Fittings Materials:These materials are made of AISI 304 SS. Materials consist of pipes, records, t pipes which connect all system components to each other. All components are welded by argon gas technique.

Türköz Machinery presents eligible solutions for all different requirements. Depending on product type and desired shelf life customer can choose variable pasteurization methods.

Pasteurizers and Heat Exchangers Usage Areas


Pasteurizer Types


Pasteurizer Automation


Control Panels used in Pasteurization Systems:
For all of our machines, we prefer equipments which have most sensitive control capacity.Panels in which circuits or electrical control equipments are placed are designed water and steam proof. All measurement instruments are carefully chosed from most hygenic and preciseones.

There are two options for pasteurization process control systems:
1. PLC system with touch screen: In this system all valves are pneumatic type. Milk process can easily be programmed depending on type of product.
2. Unlike PLC system, manual type valves are used in PID system. Only heating valve type is different: proportional valve.In this system desired temperature can be adjusted and fixed.
All switches inside panel are first class quality. For ease of use mounting of cables and other components inside the panel are made in sequence. All materials are chosed from the one switch high level tolerance.

All softwares are created by Türköz Machinery. So software infrastructure can produce flexible and exclusive solutions.