Türköz Machinery offers a comprehensive solutions of the state of the art in sustainable dairy production to customers. Helping the industry to develop more sustainable dairy products, through new technologies, implementing life cycle analysis, and upgrading and optimization of their current production lines. It aims to stimulate process innovations, taking into account environmental, economic and public relations benefits for companies.

Our services covered include:

How to set up a sustainable production line
How to quantify the carbon foot print of a dairy product by using life cycle analysis
Current technologies to improve the carbon foot print
What measures can be taken to reduce the global warming potential of the farm
Reduction of water use in dairy production
Marketing sustainable dairy products
Bench marking of dairy products against other food products
Potential future technological developments to improve the carbon foot print for the following decades

Cow of the Future
Cow of the Future seeks scientifically sound, economically viable and socially responsible ways of reducing enteric methane emissions through improvements in dairy cow nutrition, genetics and health. The project focuses on the adoption of existing technologies and practices as well as research into new opportunities to reduce enteric emissions.