Türköz Machinery Corporation | Services:

We are using high technology production machines and we care so much client satisfaction. We focused on dairy milk plant machines, storage and cooling tanks production, milk transportation tankers production  by various dimensions, liquid beverage machines and tanks production, Sauce production machines and tanks, chemical tanks production and we prodviding consultancy services. Projecting, producing, assembling, disassembling, system activating and running trainings after sale service, technical support after sale services.

  • Dairy Milk, Cheese, Yoghurt Ayran Machines Production
  • Curd, Kashkavall, Cheddar, Balkan, Smetana etc. Cheeses Production Line
  • Powder food machines production
  • Liquid food machines production (Jam, Honey, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Sauces)
  • Chemical tanks production

misc-03As Turkoz Machinery, we are designing most useful and long lasting dairy milk and food machines. We are making design process belong our brand new products

We are providing to our customers: innovative solutions for smart food processing.

Curd Lines for Milk and Milk-Based Products
Türköz Machinery is one of them global specialist in milk products machines technology and offers complete milk-based lines for healthy and quality feeding from raw material to packaged products.

misc-03We setup Turnkey Milk Powder Plants

Milk powder plants from Türköz are in operation at dairy companies all over the world.

Based on the latest in dairy technology, the plants are designed to ensure the most efficient operation in terms of overall equipment efficiency, energy and resource consumption while producing products of the highest quality in a safe environment.

We are producing milk and liquid food transportation tanks, milk reception and measurement systems, milk storage and cooling systems, pasteurizer plants, pasteurizers and heat exchangers, hard-semi hard cheese systems, white (feta) cheese, cream cheese production units, curd production systems, butter & buttermilk production systems, yoghurt and ayran production systems, juice producing systems, ketchup mayonnaise and other sauce production systems, chemical and medical tanks.


We have a strong team by designers, engineers, operators and technicians. We can give easily technical consultancy and after sale services to around all world. Because we love our work. We care human health and quality feeding. We are working a lot dairy producers from more than 30 country.