MILK COOLING TANKS (500 – 1000 – 1500 lt)
Milk cooling tanks are generally used in dairy farms or in central milk collecting units. Cooling performance and capacity of tank is designed according to capacity of plant. Tanks are manufactured vertical for small capacities and horizontal for big capacities. Entire cooling groups can be mounted on tank or condenser parts can be mounted at outside.Tanks are manufactured in 500-20.000 liters capacity range. Optionally, washing and weighing groups can be mounted on tanks. As a standart all tanks have a CIP head inside. With this head, washing inside the tank with circulation method so that manual cleaning will not be needed. For this process, required chemicals and hot water should be used. Evaporators of tanks are manufactured with laser technology and are resistant to high pressures. Evaporators consist of panels with gas channels so cooling productivity is quite high. Poly urethane material is used on tanks as insutalion material which provides longest period of keeping product at fixed temperature. Agitators’ rotation and win gangles are designed not to defect texture of product. In this way fat or product does not seperate.

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